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Category vanished form ask a question page.  drop down menu shows nothing. Please help
Q2A version: 1.5.3
Please post a link.
I've noticed that when the "Allow questions with a category but no sub-category" is not checked, my Category drop-down is empty as well.  I don't have any subcategories created and I'm using 1.5.2.  It strange, this is a new site created for development testing and my production site doesn't need this to be set for categories to show up in the drop-down.  Hope that helps narrow things down a bit.
This happened to me as well.  Worked. Then didn't work for awhile.  Then worked again.  Now it's back to not working.  Seems that it's at random.
I can't reproduce this so will have to consider this issue closed unless I can see a link where it's happening?

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