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I really need a premium q2a theme, I made some projects inquiries on q2a themes market and they gave me a quote of 250$. But this is too much, I am myself a programmer and I know this price is too high. If I would have the time, I would do a theme myself in a day or two.


I am willing to pay 30-40$ for a q2a theme, for a clean and modern themem with not so many colors.

And with nice and clear fonts, not comic fonts.

Something like this style: http://vb4.pixelgoose.com/forum.php?styleid=14


So if you have something like the above, or you are willing to make such a theme in a day or two, please drop me a message here so that we can contact each other.

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I'm planning to create a new Bootstrap based theme soon(maybe something like my previus design on immihub.com network), but meanwile you can take a look at Esteem Theme or themes in qa-Themes.com or q2a's service provider page.

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If you know some CSS and are happy to make a few modifications yourself you could try the "Baseline" theme I made (free), which is a cleaner version of the old default theme. Shouldn't be too difficult to customize with different colours like the ones from that metro theme.

https://github.com/svivian/q2a-themes (for some reason I named the folder "SV-Clean-Base")

nice one Scott