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I installed the chartroom plugin and it is nice little plugin, however, I did not see the option to delete the messages. I am just wondering if there is no option to delete them or something has gone wrong during the installation.

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Hi, Chat Room plugin developer here.

No, currently old messages are not deleted automatically. I intend to add that in at some point (I should have more time over Xmas to do that).

The messages don't take up a huge amount of room but in the meantime you can delete old messages by running a query like this:

DELETE FROM qa_chat_posts WHERE postid<1234

Replace 1234 with a recent postid e.g. 100 less than the highest one in the database, so if the latest message has postid 12300, use 12200 in the query.

Thanks for the tip. I was not actually even thinking about deleting the old messages although it could be useful. What I was actually worried about is that if someone will post some spam or obscenities or say something bad about me :)  then I would like to just delete this single message. It would be great if you could also add the option for admins to delete single messages if possible as well.