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First I have to say that my preinstalled IE9 is weird as it always goes into compatibility mode. I read about this several times, mostly they say, it's due to the Radeon graphic card... anyway!

→ Can somebody test the recaptcha on my ask form: http://www.gute-mathe-fragen.de/ask

with Internet Explorer?

I just need to know if it works, as for my IE9 I have a recaptcha field that is not responsive at all (cannot click on it). Screenshot:






Just release a new Stop Spam Plugin for Question2Answer that provides another Captcha: http://www.question2answer.org/qa/32263/new-premium-plugin-stop-spam-for-question2answer

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I just tested your site in IE9 and indeed you have an issue. If you click on anything as far as the captcha goes it ask you to leave the page. This made me nervous so I just tested my site and I don't have this problem.  This means it is not an issue with IE9 per say but something to do with your script. Hope that helps.
Thanks for letting me know. "click on anything as far as the captcha goes" → do you mean the captcha field alone? Could you describe the exact region?
It was everything like the refresh button, audio, and etc. However, I just checked it and it is not doing it as of right now.