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Maybe you have faced the same issue? Check your qa_eventlog table for the appropriate events:

2013-01-09 18:03:01 5931515284115922605 in_a_select
2013-01-09 18:03:01 5931515284115922605 a_select
2013-01-09 18:03:01 5931515284115922605 in_a_unselect
2013-01-09 18:03:01 5931515284115922605 a_unselect
2013-01-09 18:03:00 5931515284115922605 in_a_select
2013-01-09 18:03:00 5931515284115922605 a_select

It happens within 1 second, so nearly the same time, as you can see.

This is why I assume that:

1. the user clicks on best answer

2. does not get an immediate feedback from the ajax call (server is slow)

3. user clicks again

4. 2nd ajax call is made -> it gets unselected again! (a_unselect)

5. user is noticing that (?), and selects again


So I would like to know which line in Javascript file qa-question.js is responsible of hiding the select-icon after the click? Is there any (I cannot find it)?

The class of the according input is .qa-a-select-button | The onclick-function called is:

return qa_answer_click(questionid, parentid, elemClickedOn);



PS: I think I once reported about a similar issue...

Q2A version: 1.5.3

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