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One member wanted to register on the site via the Facebook connection and had the following errors:
Question2Answer query failed:
LOCK TABLES cibermondeqr WRITE, qa_blobs WRITE, qa_cache WRITE, qa_categories WRITE, qa_categorymetas WRITE, qa_contentwords WRITE, qa_cookies WRITE, qa_iplimits WRITE, qa_messages WRITE, qa_options WRITE, qa_pages WRITE, qa_postmetas WRITE, qa_posts WRITE, qa_posttags WRITE, qa_sharedevents WRITE, qa_tagmetas WRITE, qa_tagwords WRITE, qa_titlewords WRITE, qa_userevents WRITE, qa_userfavorites WRITE, qa_userfields WRITE, qa_userlimits WRITE, qa_userlogins WRITE, qa_usermetas WRITE, qa_usernotices WRITE, qa_userpoints WRITE, qa_userprofile WRITE, qa_users WRITE, qa_uservotes WRITE, qa_widgetanyw WRITE, qa_widgets WRITE, qa_words WRITE
Error 1146: Table 'QuestionReponses.cibermondeqr' doesn't exist
Do you know where it is coming and how to fix it?
Thank you very much for your help
good day


Q2A version: 1.5

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