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Is there anyway to report user wall comments. As it would be hard to monitor everyones wall etc

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It will be easy to do this with an event module in a plugin, since wall posts have an associated event reported. Not yet sure if there will be a way to do it in the core. Is this important to many people?
Well, generally I would like to see a "flag" button to report users that insult others or post inappropriate content.

On the other hand, doesn't the user have the option to delete each post from his wall? Then we wouldn't need the flag button, he can just delete it, and contact the forum admin using the contact page...
would be amazing if you could add it in a plugin :) Thanks for replying mate.
First, a user should have the choice if he allows comments on his wall or not and by whom. It could be nobody, everybody, accepted followers or mutual friends solution. See as well my detailed answer on page 4 of Your 1.6 question.

When writing on another users wall, one should have the option to decide if the comment is public or private, the receiving user could have these marked with green and red colors for example when seeing his wall.

Second, a report button shoud be core from the beginning on, otherwise spammers will post on profiles with low activity.

The more core the better, for some important plugins people are waiting two years, that is too slow.