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New Members Avatar Widget Version 1.1 released.. get it from https://github.com/q2amarket/new-members-widget

Now you can set list or grid view for the widget / avata also now allow to display user points. More detauls find on plugin's page on github

https://github.com/q2amarket/new-members-widget or http://www.q2amarket.com/market/new-members-widget/

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Fascinating work !

 please, Is there a possiblility to output the number of the week newcommers on top of the widget , something like " 32 New members this week" ?

thousand thanks :)
Currently not possible but I think this would be great feature. Give me some time I will try to implement this
Coool thank you very much ! looking forward for the release :)
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Thanks. Works great. The word Registered was missing a E.