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Your site says http://answers.onstartups.com/ uses your script. However http://stackexchange.com says that answers.onstartup.com is based on theirs?

What's the go?

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If you look at the front page, this site does not say that OnStartups Answers uses Question2Answer, just that it's a good example of a Q&A site. So it's not inaccurate, but I can see that it is very easy to misunderstand! I will change the link shortly.
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thanks for the reply. Yes it is very easy to misunderstand :).

However stackexchange scripts look far more better. Are you going to improve your script look and feel too?

Question2Answer supports multiple themes, and a second theme should appear in beta 3. Apart from that, it is easy to modify the look yourself using CSS, and I would hope over time that some third party themes will be created.