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I installed user activity plugin last month and it was working fine, but when I installed Badges plugin, the conflict started. I don't know, whom to inform. But I am reporting a bug here, which can be solved by both plugin developers by mutual understandings as I am not into deep coding!

After installing the badges plugin, when I select the checkbox placed before Show badge widget beside points in question list in badges dashboard, then the questions list placed by User Activity plugin shows the error as I have attached the screenshot below.

It's here: user-activity/questions/username

All answers list is fine.

So, the possible solution would be,

  1. The user activity plugin should include the proper category and usermeta & points below the question in every list items in the questions list
  2. In Badges Plugin, developer should code as to display the badges only if usermeta & numbers posted in the question list.
  3. I am using SNOW Theme (just to help find the bug :)

The problem is not from user activity plugin. When I removed the plugin and activated the recent activity, then also the same error showed in the recent activity list inside user profile.

Q2A version: 1.5.4

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