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I want to avoid the best answer feature because of 2 reasons:

a) Its very Yahoo like
b) Its kind of redundant with voting on answers

Is there an option i missed in the admin menue or would I have to take
$this->a_selection($a_item); out of the qa-theme.php file in my advanced theme ?

Thanks so far !



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To answer your points:
a) So? It doesn't matter if Yahoo does this. Actually it's a very common feature of Q&A sites like Stack Overflow etc.
b) The highest-voted answer is not always the best, or the one that solves the user's problem the best.

Plus, selecting a best answer is like an extra confirmation for future people coming to the page, in case they don't notice that answers are rated (and by default, Q2A doesn't order by votes so in that case it saves the user having to read everything to find the answer).

To remove the best answer star, find where this element is added to the pageand remove it:
    <div class="qa-a-selection">...</div>

NOTE: that doesn't technically remove the feature, a savvy user could in theory send a request to whatever script selects the best answer. But it's the simplest way to do it.
Thank You, this is a simple solution without changing the code. Great.

And You are right about the not really redundant thing.
As long as I have several answers  it is ok, but if there is just one, what very often is the case, there it "looks redundant". Besides, seeing this site here, many of the so called best answers are not the answers but the comments.

Regarding Yahoo, I am not afraid of problems with them, my sites are less than a hair in the soup, but I just dont want people think, that it is like yahoo, so why should they use my site.

Thanks and regards