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I was wondering if it is possible to have the login form on a custom page like: http://wantedfm.com/advice/

which then when you login re-directs to the Q2A index page  http://wantedfm.com/advice/dashboard

Also is it possible to add more fields to the register form?

Thank you so much in advance. I have been trying for hours and am just stuck.



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Custom page you mean whithin the Q2A site? or any external site? Withing the Q2A site you can use the same form like Snow theme has on the login gar at the top
Nah I mean on an external website. I have tried copying the code from the snow theme and it never seems to work.

Basically I want a login form to appear on www.wantedfm.com/advice and then once they click submit and they are logged in they get redirected to the Q2A index page.

Hope this makes sense, I spent a daty trying to work it out but it puzzles me