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How would it be possible to migrate data out of Q2A and into another question and answer site?

I am looking for a very generic answer. My company is looking for a QA site platform, but one of the requirements of the platform is that it allows generic migrations to any other platform. Is this even possible?

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if you mean you want to migrate from Q2A to another CMS like wordpress or joomla then:

you will need to create a costum script to read your data from Q2A and import them to your new CMS. you will need a programmer familliar with both Q2A and the CMS you are migrating too.

if you mean you want to have same site(questions,users, ...) on another Q2A site(another domain) then:

duplicate(or create a copy) your Q2A database. upload and configure qa-config.php in new site to use duplicated database. in that database visit 'qa_options' table and find 'title' filed with value of "site_url" then change "content" fileds value on same row to your new website's address. that's all
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I think you will find that no QA software will specifically provide any form of "migration". The reason being, there are so many different kinds of apps we can't cater to them all. Plus they are changing all the time.

However, you have all the content in your database so all you need to do is export it into a format that the other system understands. That shouldn't be too difficult but there may be a few difficulties like user accounts (the passwords are all encoded using different systems).