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I am using a question form directing to my Q&A site on other of my sites.

Now, what happens when a user enters a question is, that he will be directed to my Q&A site large form, hits send question in the large form and is directed to the single question site with his new question.

He may stay on the Q&A site or he may want to get back to the starting site where he saw this form.

In the second case he will just hit the backspace and will see an error regarding the already submitted form data. No good surfing experience.

Now it would be helpful that he would see on the single question site a button like: back to the site ...(where he came from)

Is there any way to transmit to Q&A some kind of parameter or link to show this kind of button ?
Or any similar idea for this ?


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Not currently possible I'm afraid. As for the error showing about resubmitting the form, I plan to address this in the next major release by doing redirects after people submit information, instead of outputting content from a HTTP POST. Apparently that should solve the problem.
Thank You, excellent, the button idea was only a solution thought to "jump" over the resubmitting issue. But if this issue itself could be resolved, everything would be fine. Would be great as well if it could resolve the F5 refresh problem as well.
Experienced users know what to do, but especially on question and answer sites are many beginners who need to be guided as "liquid" as possible through the sites.
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