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Do this to provoke the error:

1- Click Unanswered Menu Item

2-Click No selected answer sub Menu Item

questions with answers shown

if unanswered questions == No selected answer this option leftover (is my opinion, what do you think about this?)

Q2A version: 1.5.4

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That is exactly how it's supposed to work. "No selected answer" means none of the answers on the question have been "selected as best answer". So when I submit this answer, this question will appear in that list, until you click the tick icon by the answer (or someone else's answer of course!).

The submenu item that says "No answer" only shows questions with 0 answers. And of course "no upvoted answer" shows questions that may have answers, may have selected answers, but none of the answers were upvoted.
Scott, thanks for answering. I have another point of view (does not mean I'm right)

If I list all unaswered questions I hope the sub menus works with unanswered questions, if "No selected answer" was in "Questions" would make more sense to me.

I do not know if I explain my self (I speak spanish)
Sorry I don't understand what you mean...