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Hi, in our admin setup I have the following options ticked:



I am receiving email notifications for when a question is posted, but not when an answer or comment is posted.

Any ideas?

Q2A version: v1.5.1
I don't get any mail at all. We are on the same boat, this should work out of the box right ?
Try upgrading qa-class.phpmailer.php & qa-class.smtp.php for PHP version > 5 if you are using SMTP emails. Even I was not getting any emails & now after upgrading the files - I get it.
Ashish Sharma, can you share how to do that ?
Its been sometime & I most probably picked the new class from the latest PHPMailer codebase. I dont remember doing any tweaks to them & they pretty much worked out of the box, except for prefixing the files with qa-class as required by Q2A.

You can pick the two files from my project - https://github.com/codelearn-org/question2answer/tree/master/qa-include . That should help.
Btw - I have a different question. My Q2A installation only show one of the option in Email tab. The first one 'Email this address when question is posted'. Do you also see the two other options as shown in screenshot ?

I am using v 1.5.4 (probably latest) with Snow theme.

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