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We want to use question2answer as a free service in our site. In our site users can register and set up their own micro-site and we want to add question2answer in the micro-site if each user.

So we want our site users to have their own question2answer admin where they can answer questions submitted only in their micro-site.

Please let us know how this can be done.
Do you mean like formspring?

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One way to do is setup Q2A manually for each user. It is tedious. What you can do is keep default Q2A zip file on the server and just extract when you want to create new site for your user.That will save your uploading time.

I also want to know if there is an easy and automated way to do it.
Thank you for your reply.
For the micro-sites i am not using different servers. Micro-sites are in same server and uses the same database and files.

So i would like to use same setup of Q2A for all micro-sites.
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You can use network sites plugin to do that. You could write a plugin to connect between network sites plugin and your idea.

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