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I guess I am right that currently you can restrict questions to registered users only. But what I like is to let them view the question my not the answers, you may have seen this on sites like Quora where the answers text is showed blured/unreadable, encuraging more users to register.

Is there a Plugin out there that does this thing?

Am I allowsed to ask for a dev here? If yes I would pay for a plugin like this as long as you release it under at least GPLv3. It needs to be very well inline documented because I am a wordpress dev and may be dig into Q&A at a later point. Please give me a offer for how much you will code this for me.

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You can use an advanced theme for this purpose. By overriding the appropriate function.

Check for "question", if so, check if current viewer has userid or is anonymous. Output default for registered user, prevent answers being output for anonymous.

If you cannot do it urself, what's your budget? you can PN me.
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Did you try by checking answer's userid and question userid so

if ( answer-userid || question-userid)


Check in qa-theme-base.php this functions

function a_list_items($a_items) or function a_list_item($a_item)

I hope this should work