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I can not find the complete list of all of my questions that I have posted!

I have checked the two below but there is a question that i have posted but does not get listed in any of below

  • My updates>All my updates


  • My updates>my content

I as well checked my account >My favorites and my account> my favorits too. It is not there either!

Here is the question that I have posted which does not get listed in my (My updates>my content):



Q2A version: Q2A 1.5.4

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You can't in the default install, but my User Activity Plus plugin here does that. I think a few people requested that to be core for 1.6 so maybe it will get added, who knows.

I really hope that your plugin gets integrated in core as soon as possible, so that this quite often asked question can finally disappear :)
core now, get v.1.6