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I checked my list of answers and see that the upvotes of each answer are not related to the answer but the question. This is kind of misleading.

Example from my own "all answers" list:


The first answer, you probably think, got -1 votes.

Opening the question and looking to my answer:


which is +2.

That's why I think it's misleading the user.

Q2A version: v1.6.dev 2013-04-18
+1 this has always been the case in places like "recent activity" as well... I always felt it was confusing.
That's why I am using your user-activity-plugin (in 1.5.4) to display all answers of a user with correct upvotes :o)

Btw, I added list all comments to your plugin, a while ago: https://github.com/svivian/q2a-user-activity-plus/issues/8
seems to be solved with v1.6.1

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