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can this script be adapted to charge for individual questions either with paypal and/or credit card?

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The license is here: http://www.question2answer.org/license.php
It includes this: "You may show ads or profit in any other legal way from a website running Q2A."

So it should be fine to modify it yourself, if it is a public-facing web site. It's very unlikely that kind of functionality will be integrated into Q2A though.

Personally I would never charge for access because that defeats the purpose of the software, which is to allow a community of people to ask and answer questions.

Of course, if you somehow make a lot of money by charging for questions I'm sure gidgreen (the author of Q2A) would welcome donations to support development.
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You can modify script to add this feature.

there are sites who charge for asking questions like http://www.mahalo.com/answers/

the purpose is, user want to offer money to get best answer from the community. This is good way to promote user to answer questions.

by doing this, every user will try to give his best shot for the answer, this will help to build great answers site.

This solution may not work for the sites with low traffic and low user base.