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it doesn't keep the format

you can write correctly, it looks correct, but the posted message is a plan text without almost any format

(no font size, no allignement, no colors)

how can I found what it's wrong?



I have found this old question, but without a final reply

Q2A version: 1.5.4
Reply may be obtained if detailed information is attached?
1. Server spec (Host's kind / PHP version etc)
2. Client spec (OS / Browser Type / Browser version etc)
3. Detailed phenomenon (Operating procedure / Contents of display etc )
It is required for the question of fault.
thank you:
Hosting Linux
PHP Version 5.2.17
mysql server: 5.0.92-enterprise-gpl-log
at least firefox 19/20 on windows, iexplorer 8 on windows and the new safari on mac
but I think with all the browsers
you type correctly in wysiwyg
you can see all the formats
but after they disappears
a simple example
if I write a message shorter then the minimun lenght, three letters
(an "a" on the left, "b" on the right, "c" in the middle of the screen)
when I send it, after the error the editor shows me the three letter on the left (he has lost the data of the position)
the same appen to a normal message with colors/fonts
they appear while you are writing the message in the editor, but they disappear when the message is sent

thank you!

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Such phenomenon? (Full size image)

[My test environment]
Server OS: Windows(Local server)
PHP: 5.2.10
MySQL: 5.1.35
Client OS: Windows XP(SP3)
Browser: Firefox V20 / Chrome V26
Q2A Version: 1.5.4
Q2A Theme: Snow
Q2A Site Language: English(UK)


"Error message" of you say "the error the editor shows" ?

Either of editors, string which include HTML tag is saved at DB without being changed. When "format" field of qa_posts table is "html", Q2A display as it is, but when "format" field is empty (""), Q2A display it  by replacing HTML tag to special string. (Example: "<"-> &lt;)

Check "format" and "content" fields of qa_posts table by phpMyadmin. And, check HTML code of displayed question page.
I'm going out to work, but, quickly:
something similar to your example, but with shorter text, produce, in the 'content' field





'format' is html

tonite I'll test it better
(thanks again)
I've not found the solution.
so, I have installed in another directory the new version and slowly I have migrated on the new one.
for curiosity:
now I can write and edit regularly on the new installation. If I show one of these questions on the old directory it's without html.
In any way: problem solved. thank you for your advices.
It was good to solve.