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As Scott mentioned once, if your site grows more and more spam accounts are created.

For this, I removed the field "website" and left only "about me".

However, still in those fields the spam-guys post their "For ... visit http://www..."

I would like to filter those links.

I could use jquery but if they turn off javascript they still can post...

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FYI, I solved it differently.

I just DO NOT display about-me, name, and living place if the user has less than x points.

Core hack for this:

1. open qa-page-user.php

2. go to line: foreach ($userfields as $userfield) {

3. enclose the entire foreach with:

        if($userpoints['points']>20) {
            foreach ($userfields as $userfield) {    
        } // end anti-spam



It is nice idea. Privacy plugin for limiting the open range of user's personal information may be necessity.