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Of the open source FAQ platforms I've tested out there, this one is the best. However, I don't see any means to lock Q2A down where only logged in users can view questions and answers. As far as I can tell, the system can only be locked down to the question level. As a use case, we want to use Q2A to store our answers to commonly asked questions we receive in Requets for Proposals (RFPs). Our sales team would use Q2A to access answers to common questions. None of this can be public, not even the questions. I've seen a couple code hacks in your help, but those tend to blow up during upgrades. It would be nice to have a hardended feature where administrators could lock Q2A down to a login requirement.

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This is possible in different way but easiest way by redirecting guest to login page. Simple way to make it using header location to rediret all guest.
Can you please elaborate? How would this have to be done..?
@Andreas Lotz, check below plugin.
Yes, I found this plugin, too and have installed it.
It "basically" works. I have reached out to the author, as the visual appearance presently leaves much to wish for...