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i think we can use Question2answer as blog publishing application.

why we use Question2answer as blog publishing application ?

1. we have a best community to solve our problem.

2. others cms (wordpress and joomla) have more possibility to hack.

3. we have the Permissions to manage roles like who can post, comments etc

4. q2a based website gets best seo.

5. it have best admin panel (easy to modify)

6. there are some best features in comparison of others


How we can use Question2answer as blog publishing application ?

1. first manage the Permissions

Viewing question pages: Anybody

Asking questions: experts, editors,moderators, admin

Answeing questions: experts, editors,moderators, admin

Adding comments: registertered users

Voting on questions: registertered users and email confirmed  & enough point (set max points)

Voting on answers: registertered users and email confirmed  & enough point (set max points)

2. Allow comments on questions

if you want to try this i will make a good theme for this. 

Give your opinions

@IamRobin hows it going with this are you looking to follow through?
thanks @monk333 for the link
did u try this..
hi..i added reply on my second last comment but its showing on last ..it should show above last comment..right..why is this..is reply and comment is same..

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There is no single point covered blog features in your points. What you are talking is more permission and additional features but not at all bloggine functionality and many of them are alreayd there... Also if someone want to use blog they can use WordPress using SSO. Role and Permission also been set between Q2A and WP. 

To make your realize, developing or adding fully blog features like WordPress or Joomla is not a small task like developing a theme. It requires lots of man hours. If you know WordPress history about how many man hours they have invested since 2003 till now. I am not saying here it is impossible but it is time consuming and need dedicated contributors and time.

I believe that Question2Answer goal is delivering questin and answering platform and not any bloging system. Also I strongly believe if we include blog system into Q2A than it may loose it's concept.

In fact if anyone looking for Q2A with Blog than Q2A and WordPress both are open source and they can make modifiction as per them need to combine both system.

I agree, lets stick with Q and A.
hi..will u tell us the problems using this as blog plz..thank u
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In my opinion it's a good idea after all its open source so I guess you could use it for anything you like not just limited to Q&A sites. Just look at wordpress it was made for blogging but ive seen some cool games sites, article directories, classified ads, shops and so on! Do your thing ideas is what makes things evolve.
But it's not the WordPress providing all features and functionality by default but it is giving such flexibility to the system where developer can build custom system. So flexibility is more important than what functions system providing by default.

If we talk about WordPress, it is still providing blogging platform by default from start to till now but by the time starts to implement more flexible structure which allows developer to customize as per need.But WordPress never shipped fully CMS site by default that developer has to built them own by using hook, action, filters and own functions.

So I concern more about flexible design than blog. Just think about current Q2A system which is having great flexible structure which allows to hook many stuffs. It's just matter of knowing those hook and how to use it.

This is just my point of view..
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I think question2answer should focus on it's purpose (qna site), for blogging you can use more advanced blogging platform wordpress.