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I installed  

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plugin, but I didn't enable the event log, then I get this error, anybody know how to fix this

Question2Answer query failed:

SELECT handle,event from `qa_eventlog` 
WHERE YEAR(`datetime`) = YEAR(CURDATE())
AND MONTH(`datetime`) = MONTH(CURDATE())
AND `handle`!='NULL'

Error 1146: Table '*.qa_eventlog' doesn't exist


my website: http://www.ytecongcong.com/qa/

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Unlike WordPress there is not activate or deactivate system in core Q2A but if plugin gives that functionality. Usually you can simply remove plug-in by removing all files. However it is not necessary that error will disappear.

By the way your error is saying there is not dataase table exists for the plugin. I haven't checked this plugin but I guess this plugin required dataase initialization. Check once by going to Admin > Plugin page it may show you notificatoin bar to initialize database.
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I finally fixed it, use php to create a table with the same parameters used in plugin file, then it's ok!