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I'm getting a conflict with CSS on the textareas - they have an ID of "content" but I already have that in my page design. So it's making the textareas stretch outside the page.

I was wondering, would you be able to add a prefix like "qa-" to them, like the classes, so that this is avoided? I imagine IDs like "content" and "title" are in fairly common use across the web.

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It's a good idea for a future release. In the meantime you might be able to resolve this by adding an !important tag after the width element in the qa-form-tall-text class in your Q2A theme CSS file.
Are the IDs actually used for anything at the moment? Currently I am simply removing `ID="content"` in my advanced theme, with no ill effects yet...

As I try to modify my 1.2 install so it has the extras I added before, it seems that most stuff can be done in the advanced theme rather than editing core files, which is nice.
Mostly CSS IDs are used for auto focusing/selection when the page is loaded, and in general for other Javascript targeting.