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LIke  it is here, Note  iam not a coder or a programer so please explain exactly  in detail terms what and exactly where I need to edit and files or add in any codes...

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Speaking v1.5.4 here:

- First you need to enable the "ask box " from the admin panel > layout page: add ask box widget (bottom of page). Since you are asking about its color, I assume you already have it showing up, but I mention it just in case.

- Then you need to edit the css file. Assuming you are using "Snow" theme (which is the one selected by default), find the following file "qa-styles.css" ( located under question2answer_folder/qa-theme/Snow/)

- Open "qa-style.css" in some text editor, an find the following code (line 594)

    border:1px solid #ddd;

Then replace the color codes by whatever color you want (for instance red would be #ff0000)

Actually you mention the border, but it is rather the backgroud color of the box (blue here on q2a site) that you want to edit ... or both of them.

Hope this helps
I already have it set but it does not do what I want in fact is does not do anything I can see, to see a example of what I am talking  go here  to the link below see how their ask box  looks in fact it is similar  to this box  I am typing in right now with the ability to drag and make the box bigger, http://demo.answerquestionscript.com/
On the link you provide, instead of a textfield entry in the form (which is one single line) this is a text area (multiple lines), which is resizable.
The thing is that with a text area, the enter key acts a line break, where in q2a it is supposed to submit the form.

So you might change the text field to a text area input, but then you also need to add some sort of submission mean since the enter key won't do that anymore.

Typically, you need to add a button.

A "quick and dirty" (i.e. just thrown away, not quite tested) hack to test this:

In the qa-widget-ask-box.php (in qa-include folder) find, line 93:

<TD CLASS="qa-form-tall-data" STYLE="padding:8px;" WIDTH="*">
<INPUT NAME="title" TYPE="text" CLASS="qa-form-tall-text" STYLE="width:95%;">

and replace with:

<TD CLASS="qa-form-tall-data" STYLE="padding:8px;" WIDTH="90%">
<TEXTAREA name="title" rows=1 cols=115></TEXTAREA>
<TD CLASS="qa-form-tall-data" STYLE="padding:8px;" WIDTH="*">
<INPUT id="qa-login" type="submit" name="AskQuestion" value="Ask">

This should roughly do the trick.
Bear in mind though that having the area resizable may end up with unexpected behaviour, and breakout the layout on client side since the whole thing hasn't been design with that in mind from ground up.

This may not also look very nice... you would probably have to dig a bit in the css to fine tune the appearence... however, you mention you are not a programmer (which I am not myself BTW)
Yep that definitely had some strange results first the color border was cut on the right hand side second  next when you held down on the key it made the screen go clear over to the right ,I tried to change the number 95 to around 60 that helped some but it still did it next when you clicked the enter key nothing would happen it would not go to the next window, I am also predicting there will be problems with window where you actually start doing your tying as that has not been modified, anyway thanks for your help but I most likely am going to have to hire me a coder in the future to make the changes I want that or find another scripts that will do what I want ...
Yea I think I need to take different approach What I need to do is to get rid of that ask a question box at top and use that ask a question in the  tool bar and modify that to  have a larger text box...