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Will there be an option to ban users in the future (and ban emails and ips)?  Will there be word censoring? And what about an "Unanswered" questions section?


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Yes, banning users and IPs is on the roadmap, but I don't yet know exactly in which version it will appear. In the meantime you can do something yourself - see my answer here: http://www.question2answer.org/qa/138/#139

Word censoring is also a possibility, if there is sufficient demand.

Finally, I'm also aware of the need for an 'Unanswered' questions section. Perhaps you could tell me in a comment what you think it should contain, for example: (a) questions with zero answers, (b) questions with no answer which has upvotes, (c) questions which don't yet have a selected answer.
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i think questions which don't yet have a selected answer would be best.
and have you thought of a search so that people don't questions repeatedly? (ability to completley delete answers and questions would be nice to but only admins or the poster of the question/answer should be allowed to take this action) i would love to see those things implemented! anyways, love to see a php Question and Answer that actually works well! good job!

Edit: oh yeah and ability to report users would be great, i currently use the feedback form for it but it doesn't seem to work as well, so a report center in the acp to review all reported posts (available to editors to so more like a editor/moderator control panel) but not an email form, and possibly notification of new reports when you log in. a private messaging system would also be nice but i don't know if there is sufficient demand for that, plus it may also be to much like a forum.

anyway thanks for the help and good-luck! :)