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How can i increase the width of the section as in the screenshot?

is there a setting for this ?


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Find this code (around line 115)

.qa-nav-main { background:#094502 repeat-x left top; float:left; width:944px; height:55px;}

In your qa-styles.css fiile.


Where exactly is this at I looked in the styles snow qa-styles.css file and tried using the search tool on the php editor and did not find anything like that?
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You are looking to make changes for main navigation and main content area both. Snow theme width defined with qa-body-wrapper class also qa-main ( content area ) has defined width. So you may required to change both.

Assuming you want to set main area width to 1200px

in qa-style.css

line #415

.qa-body-wrapper change width: 1000px to width: 1200px ( or whatever you want )

and for content area

line #585

.qa-main change width: 710px to width: 910px ( depend on what you have set for qa-body-wrapper)