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I do not know why anyone has put this up early. But Q2A's sidebar is not wide enough to show Google ads or Amazon ads properly. Generally sidebar ads are 300 px in width but Q2A's sidebar is less than that and thus the ad goes out of sidebar. Please fix this and increase width of sidebar.
Q2A version: 1.7.4

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If sidebar width is increased then QA section will get less space and that is not good. You can use Google adsense auto ads, they fit whatever size is available. for amazon you can go with less than 300px width.

or you can modify theme according to your requirement.
Well for Wordpress theme it works just fine. They use much more width and everything looks flawless. Taking in more space for sidebar won't affect QA section much.
Moreover, if I used auto Google ads so those can fit whatever size then, it'll only result in whatever income from those ads. I need to place those perfectly so that I can have a well prepared ads structure on my website.
fixed size ads will not work on mobile, they may look good for desktop version. Auto ads works very well, from my experience and earnings are better compared to fixed ads size. Google try their best high RPC ads in auto format.
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I am also trying to figure out the same. Did you figure it out Gurjyot?