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Perhaps someone has a really slick solution to this:

I am trying to use question2answer to create an online dictionary. Rather than state a question, a user would provide a word, and rather then provide question detail, the user would provide a votable definition. I might add the word ("question title" in the quetion2answer format) with a definition (in the question2answer format, this would be more like an answer to a question). Others could provide answers/definitions that get voted above my own. For example, I provide:

zither -- a musical instrument

someone could come along and post --a musical instrument with strings

This better definition could get voted above my own, even though I was the original poster.

I tried toying around with removing the option to describe the question in the question page, but this was a little awkward--the user would have to post the word and then go back into the word to post the definition.

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Instead, you can set the question to be only the word and each of the answers are definitions.