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I'm sure I heard there is an option in 1.2 to set the "Email me if my question is answered" checkbox to OFF by default. I can't find it in the admin area at all, is it there?
I looked for it, too, but was not able to find it well. I think it to be good in default-ON by the normal use, but there is the thing that I want to turn-OFF when I test site. Therefore, I want to know modify method, too.

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There isn't currently an admin option for this, but in general, look at the 5th parameter to function qa_set_up_notify_fields() - that provides the setting for this checkbox. For new answers or comments the default is set in 2 places, one in qa-page-question.php and one in qa-page-question-post.php:

isset($innotify) ? $innotify : true

To make it off by default for answers and comments, replace each with:

isset($innotify) ? $innotify : false

For questions you want to change this line in qa-page-ask.php:

$innotify=true; // show notify on by default