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Hi All,

I've downloaded version 1.3.3 and uploaded it to our web server. It even sends notification email to ADMIN everytime there's a new question posted.

My problem is, Q2A doesn't send a notification email if my question is answered or commented on even if the checkbox is CHECKED for notification email.

Is someone having a similar problem?

Thanks a bunch!
Here's a little test for you. You'll find that replying to your own posts doesn't send you emails... makes sense when you think about it!
you are right! :) that's why i tried to reply to my own question :) hihihi

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testing this out if this will send a notification email...
NO notification email sent...  T_T
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okay.. I just traced and added my own codes that uses mail() T_T
how do you handle that? mine doesn't work as well :(
yes could you please help us out by posting your solution?