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Well, there are two types of users: The ones that mostly ask, the ones that mostly answer.

Using the numbers of questions vs. numbers of answers, we could give the user a badge or another CSS class to highlight or ...

What is your opinion about this, what ideas come to your mind?

Thanks for each answer.


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Nice point to discuss....However if we think about Q2A default structure than it has expert role. Which I believe some one only can reach when they have some capability to giving answer more rather than asking questions.

I admit with having some badge or different class but I would prefer to assign it with the user role. So that's how also we can differentiate users with class.

For instance:

Super Admin has class "qa-super-admin-user"

Expert has class "qa-expert-user"

and so forth

Because practically it is very hard to say that the user who is giving more answer he/she will never ask a question. So I would prefer to assign class based on role.

Also badge user will earn as per them questions or answer so that also will make not much difference. Even Q2A system allows set points and  permission based on points so many things we can control with all these.

This is my thoughts but I also would love to hear what other say..

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Current users system of q2a: every user is asker or answerer. Let me give you my example: I'm running a legal questions and answers site. Naturally lawyers answer legal questions of normal users. In this case it would be better to differentiate them like "lawyers".  I think "expert" users tyep is not enough to make it more attractive for lawyers.