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Some user create question and answer question by themselves then close it so no one can answer their question make their gain more points instead other user can join to give answer and discussion.
Now I want to disable from close question by user.

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You should go to Admin > Permissions > Closing any question.
There you should change the permission and give it to moderators and admins. That way no one will be able to close questions other than moderators and admins.

I hope this helps.
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EDIT: Thank you but that not I am meaning, that option let user close ANY question and I am already set it to Moderators and admins. I want user can't close the question asked by them.
I think you are somewhat confused with the buttons.
First, users cannot delete their own questions. They can only hide their questions.
Second, apart from hiding, users can also close their own questions.

You can change the permission for both hiding and closing so that only moderators and admins can do that. Apart from this, users cannot do anything to close or delete their questions.
Oops I wrong sorry about that. It was mean "let user close Any question". Anyway I changed to what you said but it didn't worked. User still can close question that created by them.
Here is my settings: http://i.imgur.com/AhvcSwN.png
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I am have an idea about this, however, it is a dirty way and it just a quick fix that can be "hacked" easily by professional. That is hide the close button with CSS then when I need to close some question, just change the CSS from the Developer console in the browser.

Anyone with solution yet? :(