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Hi there i have moved images from database to disk but now in category and admin and some comments i am getting an errors like you can see in the images category and admin pages doesn't showing avatars but there links are also different 

Q2A version: 6.1
Interesting. It could be a bug. What happens if you move the images back to the database?
I haven't tried that yet
I have the same error on my Google webmaster report. The link on the site map but can not be reach.
I have tried all possible way but nothing work.. This error is still exists.

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I've seen this sort of problem before, due to a MySQL bug.

What happens if you make this substitution in qa_db_user_account_selectspec(...) in qa-db-selects.php:


... to ...

'avatarblobid' => 'BINARY avatarblobid'

Wonderful! issue resolved.. tested and working great.. thanks a lot..
BTW closing my question related to this....
Fantastic ,Issue resolved thanks