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I created a q2a site in qa.mysite.com domain successfully and integreated it with my wordpress blog ( and wordpress is in mysite.com ). Now I want to create another q2a site at quac.mysite.com inegrated to my wordpress too. I tried the way mentioned here but new q2a site contents is like qa.mysite.com.

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Sounds interesting...

I tink biggest problem is the same dabase structure.. But I think you can try by chaning prefix. So one q2a site will have qa_ and other q2a_ . While both will use same user table from WordPress.

This is my logic and havn't done prectically yet but would love to do...


Okay cool...  I have tried and install two Q2A with Single WordPress and seems working fine... Just changed prefix as I mentioned above.. see database in below image

But do not directly do on your production website.. Rather do on your dev environment and once you fine than work on live..