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Hi Everyone,

Please help me this problem. I have installed Q2A and publish in the web. After some time, i want to make another website use Wordpress and make it to main site. Now, i don't know what i need to connect all user accounts of Q2A site with Wordpress site. Please help me if you know. Many thanks for all solutions!
Q2A version: 1.5.4 or higher
Any idea? Please...

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I think that you can do it if you intend to reset all user's password. However, batch processing (include password) be impossible. If it is possible, Q2A will have security problem. But... if you are familiar with programming of PHP and Wordpress and Q2A, you may shift smoothly user password by making wordpress form which user inputs Q2A password into.
hi Sama55,
Thanks for reply, but i'm not a programmer. My Q2A site has over 400 users, i don't know what to do. It's very important with me. :(
V1.5.x has the certification feature by email, but there is no approval feature(This feature is from V1.6). "Active" users count depends on method of user's registration of your site. I recommend that first you grasp "Active" user count. You may be able to exclude many "Inactice" users by checking "flags" field of qa_users table. (See qa-include/qa-app-users.php)


And, you can check  also "loggedin(=last login time)" and "written(=last action time)". If user count of your site is decreased largely by these operation, you may find another means of escape.
Thank you so much. I've check all user accounts in my site, total of users is over 500, but i've checking and choose over 400 users active. I think i can't do that for this numbers.
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I have decided to make two tools and already start to work on first one..

Name of the plugins

  1. WP Escape
  2. WP Combiner


WP Escape: This tool will allow to escape Question2Answer from Wordpress and so you can make Q2A standaloe.

WP Combiner: This tool will allow to combine WP and Q2A after installed Q2A ( on running Q2A )

Now I am not so sure how much time it will take as I need to work on both system WordPress and Q2A but will try to finish as soon as possible.


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Hi Jatin.soni,
I'm happy when listening you say that. I hope your project will be complete soon. Thank you so much :)
Do you have users in your WordPress site?
Only me is user in my Wordpress site, brother.
Hey Jatin, did you manage to finish these plugins?