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First off, thanks for fixing the bugs I mentioned!!!

Also, I was wondering if it was possible to add a birthday and gender field on the profile page. Other users would only be able to see the age, not the full date.

Q2A version: 1.6.1
This should be kind of easy by adding 1 profile field + a plugin that is called each day by a cronjob and sends out the emails.

Just some thoughts on the topic:
1. My users seldomly note private data, they would not give their birth dates either.
2. Looking to myself I never gave me real birth date, as I was annoyed by getting such emails :) .... so you actually should do it optional.
I love getting birthday e-mails haha :D Yes it's optional - as all user fields. Users on my website don't share private data very often either :).
Profile field + plugin seems like the way to go, thank you -- I'll try to write it today.
Now that I think of it, I don't think this is possible - to turn user fields into checkboxes or popup menus one needs to change the account and user pages - a plugin is not enough.

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Yes i also want this feature and this feature also needs to Email birthday message on birthdays :-) yes

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How about this? This is core hack not plugin.
Two point:
  • You may put year, month, day per one line by CSS.
  • If you make filter_profile() plugin in addition to upper hack, you may display profile from full date to age.


Any suggestion on how to change the css for keeping the Year/Month/Date in same line...Any pointer would be helpful.
This answer is old thing. Therefor, situation changed afterwards. Better solution may be realized if you add two plugin of the bottom. The second example is realized by plugin called "jQuery UI Effect". This is private plugin that I developed for my own site. I may publish it if this thread has many reactions.


Is there person wanting this plugin?