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I see we can send private messages to other users, but I can not find the menu to see the private message, it's very confusing to the user, why just look through email? how to make notification in the menu if there are new messages to the user?
Q2A version: Latest 1.6
Its something missing that should be included before adding the possibility of sending private messages. Lets wait and see if its implemented.

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There is no such menu for private message. You can only access from User profile page. If there is any menu for PM I also would like to know
Hi jatin,
There is a plugin for it, please see my answer below.
This is one of the areas I'm planning to look at in the near future :)
It really would be good if this was sorted out properly Scott/Gideon.

I know there is at least one 'paid' plug-in that tackles the issue of notifications better. See below. But... it is too costly for those of us who do not profit from our sites and since PMing and wall posting is part of the core package, this really should be addressed in there imo.


Waterfr Villa's link to  http://www.question2answer.org/qa/14300/any-private-messaging-plugin-available  Does work to a degree but for me, the widget over-spilled the page very untidily (under chrome?) and so I've had to abandon it's use.

It does seem like the latter of the two above does provide the promise of a free solution re; wall post notifications at least and if it could be implemented on the user's home-page instead of their 'My Account' page (and assuming the bug which causes the  'overspill' can be sorted out) then it would seem there is at least half a solution to the less than ideal way this works at the moment?
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There is a solution here (by Jon) which works


just download the plugin, copy it at plugin directory and add it as widgit

then your private messages gets listed at your account (my account page)


The only issue is that it does not display body of messages in utf8 coded.


Cool... thanks for sharing this... :)) by the way it has been added after my answer above. I will try it in free time.. thanks again..