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  1. Twitter, Google and Yahoo login integrated with automatic avatar, username, full name, gender,birthday and about
  2. Multilanguage switcher
  3. Excellent responsive or mobile theme like yahoo answer or twitter
  4. Change Vote to Like or Unline with thumbs image
  5. Private message menu
  6. Tree Categories or something to replace the old ugly categories
  7. Live Chat with experts
  8. Comet Chat
  9. List of experts by category
  10. Image sprite base for badges, menu icons
  11. flag question with optional reasons
  12. thumbnail in question list for question with image
  13. CDN option for images
  14. Video and audio question and answer by live cam
  15. Featured Experts list by category
  16. Follow my answer widget for embed to external website, with photo, stats and recent answer/questions
  17. Send to friend (html email contains question and answer)
  18. Unlimited category and subcategory
  19. Internal articles with unlimited categories and sub
  20. Ads manager
  21. Replace external link with bit.ly or custom shortener with ads
  22. Front page like Facebook or Twitter
  23. Change point with real money, payment with paypal
  24. Lock answer, member with with enough point can view the asnwer
  25. Donation
Q2A version: Latest 1.6
Big list, some of the requirements are available via plugins (e.g. chat module): http://www.question2answer.org/addons.php#plugins

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