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Better Private Message system

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asked Sep 25 in Q2A Core by esqeudero
Current Private Message System is complicated. It is hard to understand which message was reply especially if user does messaging with many other users. I think it should be designed more user-friendly.

I strongly recommend to address this issue in the next Q2A release.
Q2A version: q2a 1.7.5 customized

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answered Oct 2 by esqeudero
selected Oct 10 by esqeudero
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I have developed my own BETTER MESSAGING SYSTEM with few core hacks. I could not pluginarize it. You can test it at below website. For who interested, I can sell the codes.

For USER-LEVEL demo:  https://www.e-dostluk.com/q2a-demo/
user: deneme_11
pass: test1234

user: test9
pass: test1234


commented Oct 10 by Donutlover
Can we block any user making unnecessary messages?
commented Oct 10 by arjunsuresh
yes, User block is essential for any messaging system. Also, can I know the amount of core hacks being done?
commented Oct 10 by esqeudero
@donutlover, @arjunsuresh this code is just re-structure and improve messaging format and design. It does not kave user blocking feature. But it can be done surely.  There a plugin for user blocking released by JackSiro. I have not tested his plugin.
commented Oct 18 by esqeudero
Please refer to new plugin PM PLUS that totally pluginarizes these core hacks and adds blocking/unblocking feature with some additions.

Link to the new plugin:
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answered Sep 26 by ProThoughts
100% agree with you.

Message system should look like WhatApp kind UI. All users with whom you are chatting on left side and when clicked it should show conversation.
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answered Oct 3 by MONKEY
commented Oct 3 by esqeudero
That plugin does not improve structure of pm. It just adds EDITOR on existing messaging theme.
Here we are talking about totally renew the structure of messaging system. Make it more trackable and user-friendly like facebook message (conversation) system.
commented Oct 3 by MONKEY
stop being ridiculous and if you emphasize a contribution more explicitly. the plugin that is supplied is complete. and yours is lack of expression
commented Oct 5 by esqeudero
I cannot understand your english... Above I attached screenshot where you can see messages between two users has conversation-look same as facebook.
However, in the link that you have provided it just adds EDITOR features to send-box. These two are completed serve to two different purpose. But you insist to not accept it or understand it...