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I am developing plugin which allows WordPress integreation on Running Q2A Site. Now concept is not so difficult but one complication I found is transfering Q2A users.

Where all content identify by userid ( ofcourse ) this can give real trouble while merging WP users and Q2A users in same table.

If I auto increament Q2A user id in WP table than it will creates great trouble to identify the content and of course everything will messed up.

Any idea suggestion?

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Can't you just add a field "userid" to the WP table and then transfer?
No your comment is not off topic but right to the topic :) In fact today I wrote an article on it. http://www.q2amarket.com/q2a-tips-n-tricks/question2answer-with-single-sign-on-all-you-need-to-know-before-installing/

Yes I will try with higher value. Just curious to know if it works else it will be real difficult to combine with both system's users and have to compromise with any of one system's users.
Have u already sorted out where userids are present? Where the changes have to be done?
No this I will do tomorrow or so.. Currently busy with another plugin. You know that which one.. :) Making the user guide video.

Are you working on this user ids?
nope, doing something completely different now...