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Using Q2A, website is not indexed Google.. why ?

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asked Jul 24, 2013 in Q2A Core by muhammad rahman

My website www.opsional.com is not indexed by google ... why ??

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answered Jul 24, 2013 by ombr
selected Feb 6, 2014 by muhammad rahman
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How old is your website?

Did you register it on google?

Have you tried Google Webmaster Tools?
commented Jul 24, 2013 by muhammad rahman
i have website since 03 July 2013 =  3 weeks

Yes, i register in Google addurl

Yes, i have..

But still not indexed ..
commented Jul 24, 2013 by ombr
Oh you're website is so young for Google to be index!

But , in the webmaster tools , Go to Crawl and Fetch as google , and click on the Fetch (Red button) before select web from DropDown with your address "/questions"
After succeeded click on the submit to index button next to it on the row.
On the opened window , select "URL and all linked pages " And press OK.