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I have a category in my site and don't want to show it's questions , updates etc. in the home page

just show question in the category page

how can i do it?
Q2A version: 1.6.2
Is there any help?

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You need to override q_list_item(...) in an advanced theme and skip items in the appropriate categories. Use print_r($q_item) to see how you can extract category information.

ahh , got it
thank you so much Gideon :)
How did you solve this problem, can you please share the code?
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not clear about your question but if you want to remove category from sitebar then use below line css. you stil can have category page in top navigation bar.

.qa-nav-cat {display:none;}


Oh no.
I want to DON'T SHOW the test category's updates in the home page!
You know that home page will show everything from all categories , But I'll skip one of them