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I now there is bunch of web services that can post Q2A questions to Social Network and I will write my experience with TwitterFeed.

I have an account in Twitterfeed that post to both Twitter and Facebook Page 3 of the most recent questions of my site.

The problem is as follows:

Suppose that I have 5 new questions submitted to my site, the service will fetch my RSS and found that there is 5 new questions, then it will post to Twitter and Facebook only the 3 of the most recent questions, even after another 30 minutes, the service will not care about the remaining 2 questions. And this my issue, sometime I have more than 15 questions in 30 minutes and sometimes I have only one question!! only 3 out of 15 will be posted and then only the new one will be posted.

Thats why I am looking for an alternative. Do you know if any other service that solves this issue?

Or can anyone who have the time to develop a plugin that fulfills the following requirements :)


- Create a table (or any other way to keep track of the list) for a list of questions to be posted to social networks.

- The plugin will add any new question with time and date to the list.

- Each 30 minutes (or as admin specifys) the plugin will do the following:

- Check if the most recent item on the list is OK (not removed, not hidden, not closed)

- If it is OK, post this question to social networks and remove it from the list. If it is not OK but not removed, keep it, if it is removed from Q2A then remove it from the list.

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I think you will find that a lot of these social sites actually prevent this sort of activity as it is treated as spam. This is more than likely the reason that they will only accept the first few results. You may be breaching the Terms of Service if you are trying to achieve something that subverts the security measures put in place. Regardless of the intent to share valuable information.