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I know most top themes are providing this feature but those usercards are made solely to work with those themes only. 

How about a plugin which makes a hovercard for a user which is compatible with stock Q2A themes (specially snowflat). It would be an awesome addon to Q2A websites and if made then this would be the most used plugin in Q2A. A demo of hover card can be see below.

when it is computed ? with the page or on hover ?
When we hover on a user's avatar or on his username. I don't think it is preloaded because that would make a page very heavy to load. So using ajax call would be best for this, so it hover only for a particular user (when his avatar or username is hovered).
Secondly when it is loaded once, it can be there for next hovers as well (till the page is not reloaded).
I see, it can be a mix of a default image , the user image and the user statistics. Do you know QA css ? could you prepare a div with a background , containing the image and the stats you want ( take any user as an illustration ). To work well, you must use preferabily QA css. I prepare the layer
Thanks for your reply @igael... I might not be the perfect guy that you would like to indulge in coding.
I am horrible in this, that's why I made this request to community so if any developer would like to develop it then he can.

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User Info plugin (non-free, premium):

Thanks for your answer Kai... I already know about your plugin, but that is certainly not what I wanted.
A hovercard in 2015 needs to be much more elegant and attractive. And your plugin makes it look like tooltip. I am not saying that your plugin is bad in any way... It's just that my hope is big... :)
It looks like a tooltip since it is design by CSS like that. You can change the CSS easily and it looks like above.