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I cannot follow users after integration of wordpress, cause the star icon disappeared on the user profile page!!

Further more, the plugin 'My followers page' doesn't work, and fatal error displayed:

Fatal error: Call to undefined function qa_get_user_avatar_html() in F:\xampp\htdocs\witgolf\qa\qa-plugin\follow-users-widget\qa-follow-users-widget.php on line 245

Q2A version: 1.6.2

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You will not be able to use all the plugins that are for users.

New users, Top users, follow users, users wall, etc... Everything is gone.

So if you want something like that, you will have to develop a plugin that works with WordPress integration.
I see... but seems still doesn't make sense, cause the two system has been integrated...
Wondering whether it could be treated as a bug, and maybe solved in next version?
The problem is that all plugins for users, look into q2a users database table and the integration uses wp users database table, so nothing works.

I think that the plugins need to have the option "if integrated" or Q2A should offer a better integration so everything works fine.