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I tried to validate my site and received an missing ALT attribute error.

As well tried to add it with the logo name but this triggered just a database warning.

I added this:      mylogo.png" ALT="mysitename       thinking that it would be closed correctly inside the program...

Thanks so far

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Ha, well at least it goes to show that Q2A is secure! (i.e. you can only put a proper filename in there, not random HTML.)

The code for the logo is in qa-page.php, around line 370. Where you see:

    <IMG SRC=

Replace with:

    <IMG ALT="your alt text" SRC=
As a side-note, it would be nice to have all the HTML content in the advanced theme so these customizations are easier.
Yes, I was heavily surprised when I saw the warning showing up. I still believe it could be added there, but I dont know.

And yes, it would be helpful to have this in the advanced theme as well, or better as option in admin, as it is obligatory to set the alt attribute.

Thanks for the hint, will set it now.